My review of, It Will Always Be Us by Theresa Sederholt.

It Will Always Be Us

I’m always excited to read the latest book by Theresa Sederholt. She doesn’t just write words, she pours her emotions onto the pages. You can feel what she is conveying with the simplest words, and grandest descriptions. I’m always immersed in a world that I can come alive with. Her heart is written into every nuisance of the story, and her characters emote every part of her secret self. It is never just a story, but journey into the heart.

Fitz is a character that speaks to the hidden depths of ourselves. He is sinner and saint; flawed, yet seeking redemption. In this latest installment, we are gifted with a glimpse of this character’s innermost fears, humility, and devotion to all he holds sacred. The suspense and mystery that surround him with his latest case, force him to confront not only the demons of his past, but of his deepest soul.

While there is always plenty of case-solving and crime-fighting, there is an element of spirituality to this story that eclipses that of its predecessors. I praise the insight and ingenuity of this approach, and admire the beauty that revealed itself because of it.

I love how this author always meshes the secondary characters so seamlessly with the main story and character. Each one breathes their own story – their own hopes, dreams, and fears. The story is always multidimensional in its entirety, leaving no character abandoned in their own thread of the weave.

I won’t recount the story in my own words, as it will not do justice to this splendid book. An accomplishment for the author, and a wonderful journey for the readers. It Will Always Be Us, is one of the best works by this author and I thank her for giving us another amazing story.


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My Review of Hunger by C.E. Black

I always know that I am going to experience a story that is nothing short of spectacular, and this was no exception. Hunger tantalized all my appetites and left me starving for more. C.E. Black has written a story that will finesse your emotions, seduce your mind, and implore your heart. Thrills and suspense leap from the pages, and of course the heat will leave you singed long after the final page is turned.

In a post-appoloyptic world, we meet a very determined and brave young woman, fighting to remain alive, while surrounded by those who are not. Bent on her own survival, she is not used to trusting others to help her accomplish that. Being rescued and forced to accept aid from two impossibly gorgeous men, does not sit well with her. Never one to rely on others, she is determined to remain aloof and one step ahead of her would-be heroes – that is until her desires make their long, suppressed appearance.

Can she allow herself to become weak and dependent, just for the sake of appeasing her baser needs, and quite possibly her heart? And which of the obviously, willing men will she choose? Can the heart be braver than the body’s instinct to survive? Discover the answers in this riveting story about a young woman’s determination to survive in a world that is condemned for the living.

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My Review of Knight and Dey by Joy Wood

This book was a splendid story that seamlessly wove the nuances of love and loss. The author conveyed a myriad of emotions the human heart is faced to endure and accept. Love is not always easy, nor a choice. Learning that fate is fickle, the two main characters have to search within their own hearts before reaching for another’s.

I applaud the author for venturing into a forbidden romance between her two characters. It is not an easy topic to tackle, but with excellent execution she managed to seduce a romance where few would go. With that being said, this was by no means the only focus of the story. There were many other subplots that started as separate threads, but became part of the cleverly woven tapestry of the story. Wood brilliantly introduced each character, creating intrigue and suspense that would become paramount to the final outcome at the end. Her education in, and passion for, the medical profession were flawlessly apparent in the hospital setting for this book. Credibility and professionalism lent a realistic feel to the backdrop of the story.

In conclusion: A medical drama with hidden deceptions, a forbidden romance, and a conclusion that you won’t see coming . How delightful!

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Let Our Voices Be Heard

Let our voices be heard.

We are the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, and all those who love a child that is “different” by society’s standards.

I am the proud parent of a child who is wonderful and unique. I celebrate my child’s qualities that set him apart from the rest. Unfortunately, I am a minority. My once happy and loving child, has become someone I barely recognize, and fear for. This message is to help raise awareness about the negative impact our schools are having on these special children.

My son has been the target for bullies since the beginning, but things have escalated fast for my sweet and gentle boy. I have watched my son becoming more depressed and withdrawn this past school year. Things that used to bring him joy and give him a reason to smile, have been tainted by the poison that now plagues him. Feelings of worthlessness, depression and anger are his constant companions. A child who always had a ready smile, loved to laugh and was quick to hug, has been forever altered by the negative environment he is forced to endure every weekday. I just want my child back.

The rising fear that my son may one day become a statistic of suicide, as a direct result of school bullying, is what has prompted me to write this. Imagine my horror when my son told me that he is now being told to, “Do everyone a favor and just kill yourself!” My horror became true terror when my son said, with tears raining down his cheeks, “Maybe I should.” What would you do? How would you feel? This child is only thirteen years old and has a whole, wonderful life ahead of him! Not only am I fighting the school, I am now fighting my son. Where does it end, and how do I stop it?

The sad truth is; It never ends.

I won’t detail every step I have taken to help my son, or my several meetings with the school over the years, but I will say that things need to change – starting with my voice being heard.

If you love a child whose voice cannot be heard above the protocols, procedures, policies and rules, you become the voice for them. Let them hear our fears, anger, resentment, and frustration with a system that refuses to protect what we have put into their safe keeping – our children, our most precious possessions. Our children should feel safe and accepted in an environment where education is an equal opportunity for all who attend. Our children are the future, so shouldn’t it be a priority to protect our future? How is a child going to learn a proper education when they are shrouded in a veil of insecurity, self-doubt, and despair?

The answer is; They can’t.

Change needs to happen. My son deserves the freedom to learn. He is entitled to attend a school where he feels safe and happy. He should not be robbed of his joy and his smile. My heart is broken for the child I have lost.

He is just one of many children in a system, but he is MY child and I will not continue to sit in silence.

If you know and love a child who is being bullied, a child who is bravely unique, or a child who needs a voice, please help share and spread this message. Together, we can make our voices soar.


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My Review of Behind The Mask by C.E. Black

As with any of this author’s books, I had high expectations and was prepared for the level of excellence I have come to expect. The quality of writing, the ebb and flow of storytelling, and the complex execution of character development were flawless. A true pleasure to read a story and work of this caliber. C.E. Black is a precious gem in an industry that can lose it luster from over-saturation.


In Behind The Mask, we are introduced to a world that is rich with magic and the supernatural.

Kassandra is a lonely vampire wishing for the return to humanity. She is repulsed by her vampiric nature and urges, denying them to a dangerous point. Desperately seeking her place amongst the living again, her desire leads her to the town of Salem, where she is forced to make a choice of the heart and face the realization about acceptance.

Cyrus is a witch. He has been drawn to the ethereal beauty that is Kassandra through sensual visions that leave him believing they are fated. Realizing that she can be the key to their safety against an approaching darkness, he is consumed with the need to bring her to his beloved town.

Xavier is another vampire and the epitome of everything dark and dangerous, arriving into Kassandra’s life just as she believes her greatest wish is within reach. Confusing her with his cryptic messages and the passion he stirs within, she embarks on her path to seek her deepest desire, or so she believes.

Will Kassandra find her humanity in Salem, or the beating of her undead heart? Will the handsome Cyrus be the one to unlock her humanity, or will the smoldering Xavier offer her something far greater?


The messages hidden in this beautiful story are ones that speak to the human heart in all of us. They force us to take a closer look at ourselves and what we believe define us. Even in a world of paranormal creatures and supernatural themes, the humanity in the messages bleed off the pages. A truly magical reading experience.

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My Review of The Letter: Dear Michael, by Theresa Sederholt

With great expectations, this book didn’t just deliver, it exceeded. The growth in character and plot development surpassed its predecessors. I am always consumed with a tidal wave of emotion from this author, and this story was no exception. With a firm grasp on her goals for the evolution of her series, she executed this transition beautifully. All the characters that she has created continued to bewitch and beguile us, while introducing new characters to further enrich this amazing series. Michael is a perfect example of building on the excellence of a trilogy and taking it to the next level. An amazing accomplishment from a talented writer.


We met, and fell in-love with, young Michael in the Unravelled Trilogy. In this book, Michael is now a young man who is trying to find his own place in a world that he has been sheltered from. After suffering heartbreak and dealing with devastating secret regarding the past, he is looking to his future with uncertainty, and a slight dose of reckless abandon. The last thing he was looking for was a romantic relationship. Sometimes the thing we least expect, becomes the very thing we need.

Dagan was not looking for romance when her brother asked her to help with a project involving his wealthy, good-looking friend. Girls like her, who don’t fit in the standard box, can’t possibly catch and hold the attention of men like Michael… or so she believed.


Michael helps to show her that she doesn’t need to fit in a box to be perfect, while she helps to show him that the past does not define who he is. With plenty of family drama, and their own self-doubt, will these two destined soul-mates be able to finally realize that life is like a fortune cookie; it all depends on how you interpret it.
I can’t wait to see what Theresa Sederholt will gift us with next, but I know that it will be amazing. Congratulations on another literary accomplishment.


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My Review of Marked (Winter – Blood Courtesans) by Gwen Knight

This was my first book by Gwen Knight, but I will definitely be remembering her name. This author helped remind me how incredible the genre of paranormal fiction truly is – especially when vampires are involved. Knight skillfully created a world where vampires walk among us. She infused her story with the perfect blend of humanity and monster, reminding the reader that evil lurks in the hearts of all creatures, whether that heart beats or not. Knight has an intillect and charm to her writing, creating a story that is smart and fun to read.

Two souls on opposite ends of the spectrum are brought together under the most unlikely of circumstances. One is fighting to save a life, while the other is searching for a reason to live. One is shrouded in lies, yet the other values honesty above all else.
Winter has been raised to believe that vampires are the enemy, so she wasn’t prepared for the feelings that the perfectly mannered Ethen begins to stir within her. Ethen prefers to live a life of solitude, but finds that one feisty human has opened his eyes to how lonely that existence truly is. Lines are blurred and sacrifices must be made if either of them have a chance at happiness… or survival.

A highly enjoyable book!


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